• The madness we call
    is worse than
    what caveman times
    must have been.

    We round up animals
    in cages half their size
    and put them on a diet
    of their own blood
    and hormones
    and a little bit of grain.
    We let chickens' claws
    curl around the bars of prisons
    too small for a caged bird that beats his wings.
    And then we cut them up and sell them
    for a buck fifty with soda, hold the ranch.

    We make girls
    rich and famous
    for getting pregnant
    dropping out of school
    and breaking up with their baby's daddy
    or worse not knowing
    who their baby's daddy really is.

    We tell girls
    "it's ok to be unique"
    as long as you only like men
    you look like supermodels
    you don't do good in math
    and you can't lift your own body weight.

    We tell men
    "it's ok to be unique"
    as long as you only like girls
    you work out
    you don't think too long or hard
    you don't feel any emotion enough to show it.

    We tell those that don't fit in
    "it's ok you don't fit in"
    we'll just bully you
    exclude you
    make fun of you
    and drive you to the insane point
    of puling a gun on your class
    and then on yourself.

    And we expect everyone to get along.
    And we complain when they don't.
    When the slightest thing goes wrong
    we think the world is ending.
    We don't think about the starving children
    on our own street
    in our own city
    in our state
    our country
    our continent
    our world.

    are the definition of insanity.