• I want to live so well,
    Get me out of this asylum!
    I'm not crazy, crazy
    Let me get well, get, get, well
    Why do you stare at me? I'm no zoo animal!
    Take these plugs out of my head!
    Get me out here! I want to be free.

    ~Can't you see, it's all an illusion dear?
    Everything you see isn't real.
    It's just your nightmares taking over your mind.
    You want to get well? You want to get well?
    Well dear, to get well, you must stay around in your nightmares for another day or so

    I don't deserve this! All my friends have already left. It's just me now.
    I'm getting out. I'm getting well! No one will keep me here.
    I'm getting out. I'm going to get well.
    I should've known you wouldn't stay when I need you the most.
    I close my eyes and jump off the cliff.
    I want to get, I want to get, I want to get...
    I want to get well.
    I open my eyes. Was it real to begin with?
    Am I well? Am I well?