• If I find myself alone
    Does that make me nothing?
    Maybe I'm just prone
    To this feeling of not belonging.

    Every night when I rest my head
    Tears slowly come down my cheek
    Maybe they were words that were said
    Maybe just something I'm trying to seek

    I'll never know fully why
    Maybe I'll grow out of it
    Maybe I won't stop and cry
    While things just can't seem to fit.

    Smile they insisted
    Perhaps I could try once more
    But on this face; it's not fitted
    It simply makes my heart go sore.

    You used to make me able to smile
    But now all I feel is empty
    Trying to bring myself up this pile
    But this baggage is just too heavy

    I'm no longer able to hold
    Your burdens and mine are too much
    I'm going to stand and be bold
    And I'm not going to use you as a crutch

    No longer will I stand to be abused
    I'm tired of you thinking I'm your toy
    No longer going to be used
    You need to grow up from being a boy

    Become a man
    Then maybe if we give it time
    Then you learn to be a gentleman
    And maybe once again able to call you mine