• The Rise of a Heroine

    An uproar had sprung from the center of town,
    at the window I stood and looked down,
    I had noticed a lone woman and her child atop a stage,
    surrounded by a crowd as animals in a cage,
    as she stood atop the stage her chest bore an A,
    I have imaged that she had a debt to pay,
    this monstrous variety of embarrassment and pain,
    she stood atop that stage with nothing to gain,
    standing there with courage and to not run away,
    completely still with not much as a sway,
    I admired her will to stand strong with pride and spirit,
    her eyes spoke a thousand words yet no one could hear it,
    the impenetrable mountain that her mind resembled,
    nothing the townsfolk had could not have assembled,
    the tools to pierce this woman's mind,
    it was something of a different kind,
    so she stood courageous and tall,
    with absolutely no chance that she would fall,
    I envy her bravery and statuesque form,
    it swept across my body like a storm,
    standing tall atop the stage,
    on your fall I would not wage,
    I would like to meet you one day fair maiden,
    but until then you will never know the words I have spoken.