• With the thoughts in my mind eye, I cry,
    As my soul is lost in depression,
    With each breath I breathe breathlessly as the air seems to have no oxygen,
    I wonder aimlessly and ask will I meet my maker,
    The great father, the creator of all,
    But the only place I find myself is on the floor,
    Only to be tormented by her laughter,
    As she teases me with the scent of her gum,
    Her sweet lips offer a kiss she never wishes to give me,
    Oh how jealously I envy the person, who gets to kiss her lips,
    Lips which I have placed my happyness,
    Oh how I curse my heart for feeling, feelings I wish I could erase,
    Yet I know I can’t escape,
    Oh how I hate and love her at the same time,
    As I say to myself how you be in love, and love another woman this time,
    But she laughs at torment and misery,
    She taunts me,
    So with hushed whispers she shares herself with her former and new lovers,
    And excludes my love from her ecstasy,
    Because she so boldly and bravely told me,
    She will never belong to me.