• The soft wind blowing on my face;
    I suppose I haven't fallen too far from grace,
    Allowing myself to breathe again,
    Remembering to close my eyes now and then.

    The wind blows in my face;
    Gone; now alone, without a trace..
    Fighting to stay alive
    Wondering how I will ever survive.

    Maybe one day I'll be happy;
    But is that even possible for me?
    With a guilty conscious I think
    And then it starts to sink..

    There is only so much I can do
    Someone's thoughts aren't see-through
    People lie and cheat
    Some can never be beat.

    Maybe this time it was me;
    With this past, I can never be free
    But in my heart I know
    The kindness will always glow.

    Now I let the wind blow over the sweet grass
    Waiting for time to pass
    Knowing one day you'll meet me here
    And I will no longer have that lingering fear.