• You think you've read me like a book,
    without opening a page,
    With a bit deeper of a look,
    You'll see an essence in a cage,

    I'm not scared of the dark,
    but just scared of the reason,
    that life is changing so fast,
    The world's shifting through seasons,

    I ready to come out,
    to hatch out of my old ways,
    I'm very patience because I know,
    that it can't happen today,

    But let's just metaphorically say....
    What if all this time,
    in the picture,
    Was all thrown away,

    What would I do,
    What would you do,
    If you had all the time to think,
    and all the time to choose,

    And its s**t that what,
    I don't have the time to do,
    is all the things,
    that I needed to do,

    If you can give me the mystery,
    I'll find the clues to make it work,
    I can't guarantee anything,
    Because what if those clues aren't right,

    It's just a fight,
    that's not worth it,
    but it is worth it,
    that's why I'm confused...

    I'm confused,
    and I'm rushed,
    and I'm hurried,
    and worked up...

    I keep asking for more,
    but I'm stuck with what I got,
    Because reality is everything,
    and success is what I'm not...

    I'm not brave enough,
    I'm not old enough,
    I'm not attractive enough,
    I'm simply not strong enough...

    It's just a curse,
    glued on my ego,
    and a huge wall,
    is what I think of,

    I just want to push down this wall,
    I push I push I push,
    I ******** push with all my might,
    But the wall won't budge,

    Punching breaks my knuckles,
    and exploding is too noticeable,
    and smashing is too damaging,
    But the wall has to go.... but it won't....

    I don't need a god damn counselor,
    It's not myself I can't deal with,
    It's just the events in my life,
    and people can't change that....

    Nobody can change you getting a job,
    Nobody can change that girl just to say yes,
    Nobody can change who you are,
    Your the only one who can try...

    Well I've tried,
    I've ******** tried harder,
    I've tried even harder,
    I've tried until I was bleeding,

    You just get thrown back,
    Because Life is an obstacle,
    to actually happiness,
    and Praying doesn't help either...

    Praying just gives you hope and strength,
    but doesn't solve anything,
    It either stays...
    Or goes.... Nobody truthfully knows....

    I'm sick of feeling the same type of happiness,
    over and over and over and over and over again...
    I need more than just a small box,
    I need something I'm trying to achieve to actually work...

    Whatever.... It's all just whatever....