• Fly, I dream to fly.
    I dream to fly higher than anyone, soaring over mountains,
    oceans, space, time itself.

    My wings have been clipped.
    I can't fly, how can I?
    Can I soar like before?

    I lay on the ground looking at the sky.
    The animals of the earth mock me.
    My wings shrivel.

    It has been so long since I have soared I can't remember.
    How do I fly? How do I soar? How do I leave the animals behind?

    I once had beautiful wings, they had potential unlike anyone else.
    Then the small humans poked me, kicked me, tore my heart out.
    I couldn't escape.

    The humans clipped my wings and locked me away.
    I am stuck in a gilded cage.
    It is only gilded. Only beautiful on the outside.
    I dream to soar.

    I watch the sky every day, hoping, wishing, wanting
    more than anything to fly again.
    I look at my wings and they are full! Or are they?

    It was all in my mind.
    Now that I can fly,
    I wont land.
    I'll fly higher, soar farther than anyone before.

    Can I learn to fly?