• I've dreamed endless dreams,
    of lying next to you.
    Of feeling your hands on me,
    and maybe kissing your lips, too.

    I've dreamed of all the moments,
    that I only hope can come.
    I wish every night that one day,
    one day maybe I'll no longer have to run.

    I evade your advances,
    intentionally, of course.
    Every night when I leave you,
    I lay in bed, contemplating my remorse.

    My heart tells me to go,
    and my body tells me to stop.
    My brain cannot choose,
    and I just want to drop.

    I know you love me so very much,
    and I know you'll wait for me always,
    but how am I supposed to know this is right,
    when I never see you smiling down the hallways?

    I wish school was over,
    So I could be considered a fully fledged adult.
    And that way our love could be love,
    and not filed as assault.

    I know I'm going to wait,
    but I'm not sure how much longer...
    "my body says no"
    but I wish my body was stronger.

    My heart yearns to feel you,
    to love you all the way.
    And you don't push me or make me guilty,
    I just don't want our relationship to pay.

    I'm not thinking about now, of course,
    I'm thinking in the future.
    Maybe two, three, four years,
    when I still haven't read the kamasutra.

    There are so many rumors about us in school.
    And all of them are false.
    We've been dating for almost two years now
    and our relationship has been a waltz.

    You never seem upset with me,
    at least not over this.
    You never get outraged with me,
    and the farthest we've gone is french kiss.

    I know you're okay with my decision,
    and you said you plan to marry; me,
    am I a fool to believe you?,
    when we already have plans for a family of three?

    I love you, I love you, I love you.
    I can't stress this enough.
    I guess in a lot of ways I just wish,
    I wish that maybe life wasn't so rough.