• Backing forwards toward the door that conceals the boundaries between me and the world.
    Hiding in the corners of my mind, away from you, the world, and everyone else.
    Wanting to come out of hiding to you, but too scared to be seen by the world.
    Stuck in this mind of mine, i hear you scream "Come out its safe.Come out i'll love you forever,if you do".
    So i trust you and come out to find you not there at all.
    I creep inside to find you murdered in the pouring rain.
    In my mind, i killed you.
    In my mind, i saved you.
    In my mind, i find you alive and well.
    In my mind, i see it happened.

    In reality you are there holding me as i shake and tremble.
    Assuring me that you are there and not dead.
    Kissing me, trying to get me to move inside instead of in the pouring rain.

    back in my mind, I feel something call for me.
    I look and find you, but the light is becoming black like the night.
    I scream for you and attempt to touch your beautifuly built face, but I fail to move my arm or my hands.
    I hear your screams and try to answer them with words, but they come out a jumble of words.

    You see my lips move, but you strain to hear my voice.
    You scream for me.
    You scream at me.
    You scream for my eyes to light up.

    I see the world go dark.
    I dont hear your screams.
    I no longer feel your body heat or touch.
    I no longer smell your sweet aroma.

    You find your dagger that you brought to fight the evil off of me.
    Without thinking you take the blade to your throat and take a long swipe at it.
    With blood gushing from your wound on to me, you say raggedly "We die together."

    This is our tragic, but perfect end.