• I floated up,
    from a freezing cold storm,
    and gravity from the terror,
    wasn't warm,

    If I had knew tragedy,
    was to occur,
    I wouldn't have got caught up,
    in such a blur,

    I scream at the stars,
    but they only bring me pain,
    After their punishment,
    it was never the same,

    I never knew I could be dragged down,
    so far,
    and from an evil heart,
    I have gotten some scars,


    You never brought me love,
    and Iove is all I brought,
    and you could only shove,
    after all the times I fought,

    By why did you do this,
    and why'd I do that,
    I didn't use my fist,
    even when you did attack,

    Gravity pulls,
    And I stumble to the ground,
    and on the bloody floor,
    Were all the answers I had found.

    You never
    loved me.