• Can I sing?
    Well, yes, I suppose
    I can sing,
    But am I good?
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
    And I suppose you'd like to be the judge of that,
    But can't everyone sing?

    Can I dance?
    If by dancing, you mean moving my body to a rhythm,
    Then yes, I can dance,
    But am I good?
    My body moves to the beat of it's own drummer,
    And although you may like it like that,
    Can't everyone dance?

    Can I write?
    I'm writing now, technically typing,
    It's easy, as long as you have arms and hands,
    But am I good?
    To each his own, really,
    My style is my own, and I'm unique,
    But hey, can't everyone write?

    No, no, and no.