• Light and Darkness
    By: Paris Vaangard

    I. Of what alliance hast light with darkness?
    Hymns descant of such coalition
    Verisimilar findings of songsterrs expedition?
    The murky waters of Lochness seldom shine.
    Lithia's lucid greeting is gay and kind.

    V. The reptiles life relies on warm light,
    Bats rest by day and congregate at night.
    The Trolls of old in light would turn to stone.
    Fairies of yore sit on resplendent thrones.
    Nature and lore is our model examination.
    X. This psuedo-coalition canst be exposed with little meditation.

    It exposes itself by its air and action,
    Even if it claims affilation with a holy faction.

    Therefore light hast no alliance with darkness
    For if there is, it’s from the dark
    XV. Just as there be difference betwixt nightingale and lark.