• "Don't talk to strangers"
    My mother always says to me
    Then I walked out of the house
    And remembered to take heed

    I walked past a girl
    Her face drenched in tears
    I asked her what's wrong
    and she looked at me with eyes full of fear

    She muttered under her breath
    "My Boyfriend broke up with me"
    I laughed and said "Is that it!?"
    "That boy must be blind to ignore the beauty that I see"

    Her face lit up
    And she plastered a smile
    she said " I don't even know your name"
    I smiled at her and said " My name is Kyle"

    We walked and talked
    We chased away her pain
    We laughed, We cried
    We were dancing in the rain

    That one hour that we spent
    Felt like an eternity to us
    I didn't even know her name
    But I know that she is someone I can trust

    Her name is Arianne
    And I hope this would never end
    And my mother was wrong
    For we're all strangers before we become friends