• In Muted Strife

    The world is being taken over,
    I’m left behind again.
    This distance separates my reality
    The solemn thoughts come in.

    A Morse Code, for the soul
    One in which I only understand,
    A different kind of bearing though
    The isolation is setting in.

    I’m not a voyeur – the truth hurts
    So I hide behind the lies.
    Lying dormant with the negative,
    The sunspots cloud my eyes.

    What am I here for?
    Is the question I mull over,
    As relief comes to me slow…
    Teasing hands, gently cradle me
    Before pushing me to the floor.

    A haven, I wish for, me and you
    Where we can lay and sleep
    My friend, you don’t know, but..
    You’re beautiful
    A secret I dare to keep.

    My heart clenches and my hands fidget
    When I hear you’re all alone.
    No one beside you, no hand to guide you
    Is your path set in stone?

    Brush aside, those awful days
    Let your smile guide you through
    Because today, you’re somebody
    If only in my eyes
    I hope this gets to you!