• A nightmare is only done when it is dark
    It is your worst desires all in one
    No matter what is done,
    nothing can be done once your in one.

    my nightmare is eternal.
    there is no waking up out of it,
    there is no alarm next to my head that will go off any time soon.
    My nightmare is my life.

    My life is bleak,
    But you don’t see that
    because you know nothing about me.
    My past, my present, has shadows in its future
    My life controlled by a puppeteer

    Strings by my limbs,
    But laying on the ground, I have no use for her any more
    I live there with out an ending to my story
    With out a death, with out a happy ending
    Just laying there and taking everything that comes my way

    Being swept,
    Stepped on,
    And rarely being picked up
    Played by a caring child
    What every puppet wants
    To be used, cared by, played with
    By anyone anywhere,
    It is the one thing that brings us happiness,
    But then
    Soon we are dropped and forgotten
    Left there to endure whatever comes our way
    Where ever we are dropped.

    So why doesn’t this puppet just create his own ending
    Burn its wooden corpse and have a happy ending with his own death?
    My death will bring sorrow to others.
    Sorrow to those children that care for me
    That plays with me,
    Gives happiness to this hopeless puppet
    As this puppet brought to them.
    With the puppet they dearly care for

    The children will be stricken by the shadows
    By the infection that I am enduring
    And place then in a nightmare I am in.
    My life can’t be ended
    My suffering can’t be cured
    I must do all this
    For the children in my life
    I must continue this story known as
    My life,
    My curse,
    My eternal nightmare