• Your heart stops beating
    It’s as if your whole world slipped away
    Left you alone in a dark corner
    Abandoned, but not scared
    Calm and peaceful for a Moment

    You should chase after the light that’s leaving
    But staying feels like a dream
    A newfound, indescribable dream
    Just for a moment
    Two seconds maybe three
    And that’s when the feeling of Death
    Is brought upon you
    Joyful, yet saddening

    Your breath catches once again
    Your heart picks back up
    A heavy sigh as the world weighs down on your shoulders
    Thoughts race through your mind
    Stress depressing your joy

    Do you know the feeling of Death?
    The calm feeling of worries disappearing?
    The coldness as your body lays still?
    As your heart drops out of your chest?
    Do you have those blissful moments?