• You’re My Fairytale Prince

    You showed me the world,
    Rescue me from my prison,
    You’re stronger than life,
    You didn’t mind my social awkwardness.

    You gave me back the courage I lost,
    Reminded me I was brave to face the world.
    Gave me friends when I thought I lost them.
    Believed in me when the rest of the world thinks I’m a nut.

    You’re my prince!
    I gave you my heart and we took an adventure,
    Brought me home safely,
    Given me reasons to never give up!

    You kept all your promises even though some taken longer than expected,
    Held me while I was down and felt like trash,
    You reminded me you love me for me and that won’t change.
    You made me feel flawless, and I know I have tons.

    You’re my king and I’m your queen!
    You’re my fairytale prince.