• My head is spinning,
    As you're walking by,
    Head held high as you can,
    Please, look my way!

    We barely ever talk,
    Only on those magical occasions,
    The only thought running through my head,
    Is everything about you drives me crazy.

    Your hair.
    Your eyes.
    Your smile.
    Your laugh.

    I can't help but be jealous,
    As your friends greet you,
    Wishing I could just walk up,
    And you'd wrap me in your arms.

    Your voice.
    Your personality.
    Your style.
    Your way.

    There's something about you,
    It keeps my mind stuck,
    My eyes open,
    And my heart yours.

    Whether you take it,
    Break it,
    Or kill it,
    I'm stuck either way.

    You might just be,
    My other addiction,
    One that keeps me going,
    But still hurts like the other.

    Three times,
    You're out!

    That is what you told me,
    Back when I was a mess,
    I still am a work in progress,
    But maybe you can help?

    You helped me before,
    Made part of my life better,
    You told me you'd wait for me,
    Why didn't you keep your promise?

    Half of me hates you,
    The other half misses you,
    What am I to do?
    Split myself in two?

    A different person near your friends,
    A different person around me,
    Are you the same person I fell for?
    Or are you someone else entirely?

    Many things I've said before,
    "I'll always love the other guy!"
    They sounded true, but they aren't,
    I don't even speak to the other guy anymore.

    Were you jealous or hurt,
    Knowing I loved another?
    Or simply did you not care?
    You were done with me anyway.

    I don't know why I left,
    Only knowing that it was wrong,
    Wrong of me to leave you,
    Leave you waiting on the sideline.

    I've grown up a bit,
    Yet I know you'll never see,
    How my eyes connect with yours,
    Do you even miss me?

    You were my reason for trying,
    Quitting an addiction is awful,
    Learning I was someone,
    It helped to clear my mind.

    I miss you.
    I hate you.
    I like you.
    I love you.

    Emotions run wild,
    Yet I know my place,
    My only wish at the moment,
    Is to be your friend, and that's it...