• That person enters
    a long forgotten place
    They haven't been here since they were young
    with such innocence and hopes
    Looking on in awe at the magic
    of gold falling from the treetops
    and the bushes and rocks
    Once long ago they collected the scattered paper
    the flowers and the bugs with no real purpose

    They return now with reason
    They look out at the snow covered field
    suddenly seeing a hint of color, collecting a small blue carnation,
    cradling it in their hands before finally putting it in the backpack.
    The first of many
    That person wanders past trees, past chatting Gaians
    past chessboards and ice skaters,
    gathering their precious treasure.
    Things that will become a new object

    Finally, they pass the houses,
    millions of empty houses
    Ignoring them
    Just hollow shells that once held dreams
    or perhaps simple whims.
    Each one was created by some person for a reason.
    Passing house after house,
    not paying attention to them,
    until they have the urge to enter one, and then another
    and another.

    They stop in front of this house
    they are not sure why
    They stand looking up at it,
    a tear in their eye
    They are looking at a past time
    when the house was created
    They enter

    Cardboard boxes
    a few chairs
    a shelf.
    one shelf.

    It is their house.

    On the shelf is their treasured item from the past
    they had displayed it in their house out of pride
    Something seemingly worthless now
    But precious all the same.

    You can't go back to that time
    looking back only hurts
    take the item and make something new.
    You can do this because you are
    an alchemist.

    Go and make new memories.
    Make them happier then the old ones.
    If you can't feel happiness now,
    know that a brighter future will come
    Transmute the past and the present to form
    a desirable future