• Thank you for holding me the tightest,
    And thanks for always holding my hand.
    Thank you for listening to what I say,
    What no one else could understand.

    Thank you for the joy you've brought me,
    And thanks for all the laughs we've shared.
    Thank you for making me feel of importance,
    When I thought no one cared.

    Thank you for always being there for me
    And wiping all my tears.
    Thank you for saying it will be alright.
    Thanks for chasing away my fears.

    Thank you for calling me beautiful,
    And thank you for meaning it too.
    But still, I wish that I could be
    Just half as beautiful as you.

    Thank you for not caring about
    What I wear or what I say.
    Thanks for loving me just as I am
    At the end of every day.

    And thank you for wanting to marry me
    So I can one day be your wife.
    And thank you for being the star
    That shines the brightest in my life.