• She looked at the man on her door step she couldn’t believe him..there was no way that he could be telling her the truth. She slammed the door and started crying on her couch. “why? Why would he leave like this?! He had everything he was my everything! why…”
    The next day nobody saw her…this went on for three weeks till finally her friend showed up to check on her
    “hello?” she walked through the house and stopped when she saw her friends room. The walls were covered in writing thick black sharpie and smeared blood letters were all over her walls confessing her love to the man the threw himself off a bridge in to oncoming traffic.
    “oh my god” her friend saw her in the corner shaking and rocking back and forth pale and thin almost a ghost.
    She called the cops and the ambulance they told her she was fine but no longer mentaly there she had lost her mind just like a patient they had a few weeks before that took his life when she realized he was the same guy that her friend had written about in blood on her wall she cried watching them forever take away her best friend to a place where she would be safe from nothing but her self…
    The end!