• Valuable Natural Resources

    Oh nature, oh nature, you are my source and creator
    You provide us with your valuable irreplaceable resources.
    Oh nature, oh nature, you give us your very helpful creatures
    You are our humble and supporting mother.

    Many people uses you my golden mother
    and you are our developer, you give us
    The right resource to develop our great civilization
    And to you we bear a new creature.

    The natural resources that you give is like the food
    That you feed, and many people may use you for
    Fame and greed, but we will use you wisely and use
    You for the greater good of our Human fellows and
    for a new and helpful development to help us people.

    With you my irreplaceable mother nature,
    You help us living beings to survive and advance.
    And with your resources my mother nature
    We are grateful that you are our creator.

    Oh nature, oh nature, we are sorry for our
    Abusing power, may you guide us and may you
    Keep on giving us your valuable resources because
    From now on we will use you wisely our great and noble mother…