• So close, but yet so far away.

    walking over broken glass
    i can barley stand
    you have such a heavy heart
    i can't hold it in one hand

    wishing you were here
    i want to feel your touch
    but you're so far away
    i miss you so much

    theres nothing i want more
    than to look into your eyes
    i want to hold you close
    believe me i tell no lies

    you always give me chills
    even hearing your voice
    you make me feel better
    knowing i have a choice

    i need you so deeply
    this i know is true
    i am not myself
    because I'm not with you

    please don't let me go
    you will always have my heart
    no matter what happens
    i knew it from the start

    you're my one and only
    forever and a day
    i will never leave you
    i am always here to stay

    I'm completely lost without you
    everyday i cry
    i want to make you happy
    so I'll do my best and try

    everyday i hurt
    i can hardly bare
    i wish i could show you
    how much i really care

    I'm so glad i met you
    it was surely pure luck
    I'm not going anywhere
    i am forever stuck

    i love you with all my heart
    i can feel it in every vein
    I'm glad i get to talk to you
    that's what keeps me sane

    theres no need for gestures
    not even a bow
    as i stand here listening
    to every single vow

    you're the one for me
    i show that with no fear
    not a second thought
    because you are right here