• when someone fails all they look is down
    they look down at themselves
    and see themselves as a failure
    but they dont see the good things
    they dont see the fact that there still living
    they dont see that theres still people in this world that care about them
    they dont realize how great they truly are
    in this world, no one really gets how lucky they are
    so you fail once but every one does
    and they fail over and over again
    but with those failures people dont stop and think
    maybe they just figured out a way that didnt work
    maybe from there failure they learned an important lesson
    things get hard
    so what?
    theres no reason at all to look down
    when you look down on yourself you feel like everyone else does
    but i tell you look up because if you cant accept yourself through the failures
    then its hard to accept life itself
    remember we all look at the same sky no matter where were at
    and we have all failed once