• My jaw drops as I see her,
    That angelic face of hers,
    Those golden locks which frame her face,
    Those rose red cheeks,
    Her pale skin,
    Those deep blue eyes,
    Her slender waist,
    those petite hands of hers,
    That smile which shows her pearl white teeth,
    Yes, she was no mortal,
    She was an angel.

    Suddenly she turns,
    She gracefully comes towards me,
    “Good morning” she says,
    Her eyes stare deep into mine,
    Her lips look irresistible,
    “Good morning” I reply feeling shy,
    She smiles at me,
    Before turning to leave,
    “wait” I cry grabbing hold of her hand,
    Her skin was so unbelievably soft,
    She gasped and quickly drew her hand away,
    I apologized and began to take my leave.

    “No” she cried,
    I turned around in confusion,
    “Don't leave” she begged,
    “If you wish me to stay then I'll stay” I smiled,
    Suddenly she burst out crying,
    She leant her head against my chest,
    “I've longed to be in your arms” she said,
    She looked up and putting her arms around my neck,
    pressed her lips against mine,
    “I love you with all of my heart”
    Was this a dream I asked myself,
    Or was I simply going insane,
    “I truly do” she whispered.

    I put my arms around her waist,
    “I love you too, I always have and I always will ”
    She looked into my eyes,
    Time had frozen,
    There was just me and her,
    I pulled away and got on the ground,
    For a moment she looked shocked,
    But then she began to cry with joy,
    “Will you marry me” I asked,
    “Yes, yes I will” she replied.

    My love for you will never die. We shall be together forever! <3