• She'd dream to wake up in his arms
    Just seeing him sleeping next to her
    It made her feel so calm and safe
    He was her happyness on earth

    He had always been what she wanted
    Though sometimes she would deny it
    Now she kept hoping he will be back
    And he will bring spring in her heart

    She kept waiting for the one day
    She'd see those green eyes again
    Looking through her, setting her heart on fire
    A fire that burns her slowly whenever he's gone

    But she doesn't mind the pain
    As long as he's going to return
    And for that return she kept breathing for him
    For that return she would wait her whole life

    Because she breaths only to love him
    And wants nothing more than to be loved
    By her beautiful green-eyed angel
    Who kept her heart on his fingers

    these eyes she wanted to see
    That voice she wanted to hear
    Those lips she wanted to taste
    That body she wanted to touch

    One more time