• Is it normal
    To hide from myself
    To cry
    Stitch my lips
    Cover my eyes
    Chaos drips
    Drinking reality's despise
    Twistedly beautiful
    Distorted perfection
    Feel the pull
    Towards righteous rejection
    You're not satisfied
    Force your smile
    Exphyxiatingly justified
    Scream for your next trial
    On the outside you didn't care
    Now your heart is collapsing
    Judgement everywhere
    Time is elapsing
    Prominent fears arise
    One stands above the rest
    I fear only myself as my body lies
    In the crest
    Of my broken life
    Hiding behind you
    Cut the tension with a knife
    I don't know what to do
    In the end
    The victorious may die
    May undestroyed hearts lend
    To her desperate cry
    Can you feel her blood
    Dripping down your mind
    I hope her tear drops flood
    Drown you until you find
    Her unrecoited loathing
    Until she stops breathing
    Suffer slowly
    You made her misery
    Encouraged by her insanity
    Another black heart to bury.