• youth...innocents...
    she was my youthful love,
    so tender and naiive,
    running through a garden of the mind,
    daydreams and fairy tales,
    so different than the cold lifeless hand of reality,
    why cant i join her?
    smiles and singsong voices,
    why cant i hear them?
    her hair like spun gold and lips like roses,
    legs that go on for ages,
    the epitome of beauty...why dirty yourself with my filth?
    we run together,
    hand in hand through the felids of time,
    unaware of dangers beside us,
    why didnt i listen?
    your mind, so innocent...
    sleeping in a feild of dasies and for once dreams of beauty,
    the scent of flowers filling my mind,
    is this serenity?
    hearing screams of sorrow invade my mind,
    quickly i open my eyes to the world to see you not there,
    only a felid of wilted flowers and darkened stones,
    this is where you lay my love...
    with all the other fallen angels,
    in my heart,
    six feet under,
    on the top of my wary mind...