• Solitude is a wonderous thing, a way to express yourself without being judged by the cruel society of adolescence today.

    It is where the standouts, the "weird" ones of the world can let down your iron-cast walls and reveal your true self to the accepting audience of you.

    It is where artists ,like me and many others, can find thier inspirations for thier greatest works without being distracted.

    Solitude is where you can be whoever and do whatever you want, to truly be free.

    It is where you can have peace, tranquility, armistice, amity, whatever you want to call it, within your own little world, your personal space.

    Solitude isn't always a bad thing, it can be the one thing to keep you from going over the edge, driven to mental insanity.

    It can sometimes even make you happy, truly happy, and in ultimate bliss.

    Why do you think they keep mental patients by themselves?