• Drowning the screaming in my ears
    Pull down a little deeper
    Sink into what this has become
    Cut off this bleeding
    Just bury me today

    Don’t tell me to breath
    When all this air is taken away
    You can’t break this pain
    Making this soul escape the wound
    Lets drown in the rain

    Can’t seem to see anymore
    Hate must have blinded these eyes
    But memories have numbed them
    Before you ripped them out
    Leaving me with nothing to cry

    Why did you leave me this way?
    Can’t seem to mend me
    To much damage to try to repair
    Nothing left to bleed
    You didn’t want to care

    Now this has been to much to take
    To many seconds wasted to erase this pain
    Everyday’s emotions still the same
    With a knife stabbed through this heart
    Let this body fall in the rain