• I am new to this game
    I have nothing to show
    This game is called love
    And that is all that I know

    There are no teachers
    To show me the way
    I just learn from mistakes
    That's how everyone plays

    This game is like slots
    Only three options to choose:
    Win, lose, and play again
    It's rigged for you to lose

    I want to get it right
    I want to win the pot
    But no one gets it right
    Not on the very first shot

    I'm just a bad gambler
    Putting down my last ten
    Even when I say I'm done playing
    On the inside I pray I win

    I want to hate other players
    We all contribute our equal bucks
    But every time I don't win
    Someone else is dancing with lady luck

    I don't hate the players
    This is a game made for two
    I do hate the game
    It wasn't made for me and you

    Once you've started the game as I have
    You can only keep playing to win
    Whether it takes seconds or a lifetime
    You can only put in your next ten