• Trapped in a tiny glass box
    As if i were a doll being preserved,
    Not free to experience life itself but be trapped within it.
    No other outlet available,
    To exterminate me inner feelings,
    Inner pains and weaknesses.
    No way to show the world
    How you’ve worn me down,
    In every way humanly possible.
    No way to distinguish myself ,
    Not as a someone but a somebody.
    No way to keep my sanity and dignity in tact.
    No way to speak my hopes and dreams,
    Without them being crushed instantly.
    For it is all gone the second i collapse
    To the way you make me feel,
    To the way i view not only myself, but others.
    The way that i wish you were somehow never a part of me,
    As i were of you.
    The way i wish you would just go away,
    Maybe even just die.
    To save what’s left of me,
    Before my life is cruelly taken away
    Even if it were my own decision.

    Because, there's no way of escaping something that's within you,
    until the cause is countered by an effect,
    that will free you from within the glass box.