• what is life?
    we all live, to die
    we all see, to be blinded
    we all love, to lose
    we all win, to find ourselves in a game once more
    we all smile, to be saddened
    we all are healed, to be wounded
    a flower blooms, just to leave us
    but look at it again, the other way...
    we all die, to be reborn
    we all are blinded, to be overjoyed when sight comes back
    we all lose, to love once more
    we all find ourselves in another game, to win once again
    we all are saddened, to smile
    we all are wounded, to heal
    a flower leaves us, to bloom with extreme beauty
    so, which way do u look at it?
    is the glass half empty?,
    or half full?
    don't spill it.