• People want to use you.

    Not mentally, but socially abuse you.

    They want to see more than tears shed.

    Play nasty tricks inside your head.

    People want to use you.

    When she says it's her last shot.

    You know she's lying because of the money you've just got.

    And when he says he'll never hurt you again.

    Just remember the argument that got your heart broken.

    Sometimes you're just too forgiving.

    They're not worthy for the living.

    People want to use you.

    At times their act of kindness may seem so true.

    Don't look into their eyes.

    They'll blind you sideways with their lies.

    It's okay, you're not the only one.

    People use you because they think you're either deaf and or dumb.

    It doesn't quite make much sense.

    It seems like they see everything in future tense.

    Like dirty gypsies panhandling for your life.

    Sounds more dangerous than getting shanked by a knife.

    People like to use other things as well.

    Like sex, money, drugs, whatever you got that sells.

    But they mostly want to use you.

    People want to use you.