• My gliding stalker creeping on me
    You sneak behind me and around me
    Over and Over-Again and again
    Taunting and breaking through the windows every night
    In the dimmest of lights,
    shinning of sliver
    Mesmerizing to the wondrous eye you may be
    Providing illumination as you diffuse into the blundering clouds
    you are the viper attracting the blue seas,
    your thin sliver of light admits an ocean of glittering jewels
    Ballet dancer so energizing in beauty of grace she be,
    which flickers and dances,
    in cloudless climes and starry skies
    So heavenly coated in a wrappings of white
    may you be the cold warmth cuddling my being so effortlessly
    Please be the mother smothering me
    so mindlessly with an abundance of love