• There are no fairy tales.
    There are no happy ending.
    But for a while we lived in love.
    For a while we were happy.
    like pages of a story book,
    we lived like royalty.
    We were so sure of each other.
    Soul mates existed in our world.
    And love was everything we needed.
    We lived as lovers,
    Like Romeo and Juliet,
    So it is no surprise
    That we were destined to fall.
    Fall far down holes we had dug for one another.
    But even in our misery with one another
    We seem to be the only one the other has...
    Soul mates of the heart but not of situation.
    At least that's what I'd like to believe.
    But for my own sanity,
    It's easier not to believe
    In fairy tales and lies.