• I look around ans all I see are carbon-copy clones
    People who only try to act like somebody they know
    Who wrote all the rules for what we have to be?
    Who said it was a bad thing for me to act like me?
    No body is perfect because perfect isn't real
    It doesn't exist in this world where everyone can feel
    Only the thing they feel and that goes for you it too
    I can't know what's in your life and the same is back at you.
    Everyone is different in our own little way
    Will there come a time when we know that? Is there a coming day?

    Why try to rhyme and harmonize?
    All you're doing is building a life of lies
    Everybody has a unique song in their soul
    So be free, be true to only you, release it! Let it go!
    It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks
    Just ignore those fools who think their cool and act like no one sees.
    Keeping it quiet only hurts that tune
    So dance to the heart beat of your inner drum and only act like you

    Have you ever stopped to think why someone's who they are?
    What might have happened in their life to have pushed them this far?
    Humans can't be perfect even if we try to be
    We all make mistakes and have issues, just take a look at me.
    I'm strong and loud and say just what I think
    'Cause I'm scared that, if I don't, I'll be gone before you blink.
    I have a great big voice and things I want to say
    So I stand up and speak my mind every single day.
    I protect the people that I love before they are all gone.
    With so many losses in my life, I know it won't be long.


    So, yea, maybe I'm different, yes maybe I'm strange
    I know at times I can be weird. I set my own stage
    I sing the song that people hide deep within their hearts
    I don't want to match the rest; that isn't my part
    I don't want to hide a waya who I truely am
    If I do I'll find myself caught in a sticky jam
    Sing you own song and release your true voice.
    I can hear it's beautiful so please make the right choice.
    There's so many colors that I don't want to play along
    No matter what no one can totally match it 'cause it can only be my song.