• 1st Poem..

    Love is something differnet to me
    its hard for me to explain
    but,when i see him
    i want to hold him
    never let go
    when im with him
    you would have no idea
    how i feel
    when i see other girls flirt
    or see him get hurt
    i want to cry
    sometimes i feel like..
    i want to die.
    i can hardly bare
    to see it.
    But when i get hurt and he hugs me tight
    its like i never got hurt
    i dont feel pain
    all i feel is
    his embrace and warmness from him..
    But most of all...
    HIS love from HIM to ME..=(^.^)=

    okay this next one was dedicated to my auntie who passed away.. it broke my heart so i wrote this poem.. it made my sister cry while she read this.

    2nd Poem

    When you left me
    and went to another place
    I couldnt help but cry
    But when yuh left
    and i cried
    i just kept thinking
    "why ? why did she have to grow her wings so early?"
    but my sister told me
    Keep your head up high
    She is watching over you
    and she is YOUR guardien Angel...
    I couldnt help but to cry again
    Because i couldnt get to hear her sweet voice
    her warm hugs, and her to hold me when i cry and tell
    me everything is alright
    i just wish i got to see her ONE last time
    i wouldnt feel so much sadness how i do right now
    but i have to stay happy... she wants ,e to continue and
    live my life ... But why?
    Why did yuh take her away ...from me?!

    I hoped you liked them.. Please no Mean Comments