• We share a smile, laughing together e’en though
    You and I suffer from the distance. Parted, yet
    Together. Soon across the expanses I go–
    Yes, leaving you and home to seek my wisdom’s debt–
    For learning’s higher call is beckoning me on;
    Yet, ask it me and I might linger for thy sake.
    In earnest I wait, seeking for that love withdrawn
    As if our joy and incandescence to remake.
    Remake? But how, since my delight in you is false,
    A lie crafted, dreams and hopes given untrue life
    To force my heart to perform the tune of Love’s waltz–
    A cruel device meant only to bequeath us strife.
    I torture myself with the wanting of you–us.
    Your intellect and wit are mine, shared between us
    Like burning bridges of the mind, nevertheless
    My emotion is useless, and I, I digress.