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    Here are the Haikus, do comment and vote, please!
    Ahem**...here goes...

    1) "Flowers blossoming,
    Blooming days of spring are here,
    Peaceful days are here"

    2) "World Cup days are here,
    Bats and balls, fielders, ballers
    ICC World Cup"

    3) "Gleaming, beauty, fair
    Like stars glowing in the sky
    A beautiful woman"

    4) "Blossoming beauty
    Blooming in the spring time days
    Cherry Blossom Tree"

    5) "Sweet glistening day
    Rivers flowing through our ways
    A memorable day"

    6) "Shining star up high
    Silver in the dark night sky
    Like little fireflies"

    Hope you liked all of those and please do comment and rate!! smile smile <3