• My heart was never really mended
    Now it's not a solid piece
    But just a lump of meat
    With jagged ridges of stitches
    Hanging from here and there
    Where my heart was torn
    And thrown all across the world
    I don't feel it
    When something's torn out
    Then stuck back in
    My cut chest open
    My heart being put back together
    Then stuck right back in
    Like I'm actually suppose to feel it
    Feel the feelings which somebody had thrown away
    And rejected me
    My heart does not beat anymore
    It just lies there
    In a comatose like state
    Sleeping and waiting
    For just one person to maybe replace this old mended heart
    But I'll just refuse it
    Tell them
    I don't need it
    It'll be a waste of time for you
    And for myself
    For a new heart
    Would only lead to another broken
    And rugged stitched heart
    So please don't try to mend me back together
    I'll reject it and tear it apart
    Just so I'll live this way
    To always be broken
    But I prefer to heal the natural way
    Even if I have an un-mended broken heart