• As the sun lowers itself beyond the hill,
    In the shadows, i sit still.

    As darkness unfolds across the land,
    it spreads everywhere just like sand.

    Screams of terror fills the air.
    Screams of pain they cannot bear.

    I stand upon the bodies of the dead.
    Looking out on the land with eyes blood red.

    I roam the Earth bringing pain and sorrow,
    Making a list of those who will die tomorrow.

    I am the Duke of Darkness, Prince of Pain and the Earl of Evil,
    I am Death himself and my powers are unbelievable.

    Wrapped in a cloak of crimson red,
    i fill people with sorrow and dread.

    Pain is the gift i'm bringing
    The tne of death is what I'm singing.

    With skeletal hands i hold my scythe,
    Slaughtering those who werent prepared to die.

    Fear me, for i am the mighty Soul Keeper.
    Everywhere i am known as the Grim Reaper.