• The fire in his eyes had gone
    It was fading for years after the accident
    Ever since they diagnosed him
    He has lost all his will to live

    She held his hand and urged him not to go
    the love for him burned brighter and deepned
    as he left this earth and her behind
    moving to a much better place for him

    “Remember the first time we danced?”
    she urged him to think of their past
    “It snowed but our body heat kept us warm
    and there was no music, but we didn’t care.”

    The smile that flickered onto her face brightened his own
    all the energy mustered was wasted on a nod
    and a few barely audible words of “You were a terrible dancer,”
    “I stepped on your feet plenty of times,”

    The pale blonde girl laughed, and kept her lovers hand
    she looked to his glazed eyes and couldn’t help but sigh
    the sickly man forced out comforting words
    “Remember that I’ll never forget you. We’ll be together in the end,”

    The faded eyes closed, and drifted to what seemed like sleep
    Tears fell from the young girl’s eyes as she grasped her lover’s hand
    a long buzz sounded confirming her thoughts
    the nurses rushed in and out she went

    Tear rolled down her make-up covered face
    As the love her life was finally put in the ground
    All the memories flashed in her mind
    right then she decided she would be dining with him in the afterlife tonight