• They cut your throat,

    Your words are lost

    Our paths should have never crossed

    I meant everything I said,

    Even if they brought you dread.

    Never leave out my thirst

    I haven't forgotten the lies you spat witch

    Don't question my lies

    Don't question my vainty

    Don't question my silent hate for society

    Nothing happens for a reason

    You know you brought this on yourself?

    I hope you question your own screaming,

    It's been bred from our deceiving

    It's been so much fun to watch them

    Rip you limb for limb

    I killed them all, I love to watch them fall

    All on ******** whim

    And when they leave your body out, you stupid little whore

    I'll make sure the maggots get their meal

    Devour to your core,

    When there's nothing more of you

    I'll deal with the reason

    I swear to God, why I loved you