• Here begins a story about a miserable life
    About a girl living, but without life
    She was socially inept, always distant from others
    Unreasonably weird, hiding her troubles

    She cut herself to relieve the pain
    She went crazy and slit veins
    She cried all alone in a dark empty room
    She bled on the floor, pending her doom

    She felt a teardrop land on her leg
    Someone from behind was begging her to cease
    Her inner self from beyond the grave
    Even with her tears, she couldn't be saved

    Staggering to her mirror with
    A trail of blood lingering behind
    In her soul she sought to find, but
    Her reflection revealed a life of lies

    She couldn't handle the pain anymore
    So she cut each vein behind her closed door
    Five hours later, she was barely alive
    Finally letting her fake smiles die

    Going under, losing consciousness
    Thinking of all that she will miss
    Teardrops of blood streaming down on her cheeks
    In her head, screaming "Why me?"

    Finally, a real smile
    Emerging after years
    She was truely happy
    Now she could live

    All the pains suffered through the years
    Were gone, or atleast, going away
    Until the end, when her time had come
    Thinking death would finally succomb

    She finally awoke,
    To him standing right there
    Amazed at his care
    With tears running down their cheeks

    Happy that she's still here