• my sanity
    i think it died
    its MIA
    probably KIA
    because it feels like
    a thousand needles
    rusted and old
    peircing into my skin
    inch by inch
    day by day
    second by second
    the sadness
    makes me
    it hurts
    do you hear them to?
    the voices?
    dont lie
    dont call me that
    that is not a nice word
    I hate that word
    the c word
    the (twitch twitch) CRAZY word
    why would you say that?
    the voices are real
    they tell me things
    at night
    when i am alone
    good things
    how i have to...
    how i am going to...
    oh no.
    oh dear
    are they dead?
    did i do that?
    they are dead!
    all of them
    and i killed them
    and i sit
    in my room
    thinking about
    the way they bled
    on my floor
    twitching and moaning
    begging to die
    and i granted their wish
    all of them