• A Fleeting Dream

    Skimming along the clouds until heart’s content.
    So soft, so free.
    Watching sunrise, watching sunset, from these two eyes a dream come true.
    Like a bird in the sky that soars so high.
    The wind blowing through your hair, the wind so soft against your skin.
    A dream so wonderful it’s almost real.
    Seeing the world from up above clouds, it’s like a whole new place.
    Soft marshmallow clouds ready to play with.
    Birds of all sorts flying along side.
    The spirits of skies, the spirits of the heavens gliding through and over the clouds as if they themselves are birds of past, present and future.
    Along the sky and cloud to watch the sun set and the moon rise.
    As this Fleeting dream comes to an end. The mind, body, heart and soul shall all be intertwined with in the sky and heavens themselves.