• When the sun lays its head down in the western mountains
    The light that is you seems to disappear
    But I know better
    You're on the other side of this scary world, dreaming of daylight, far from the cold night
    You're just sleeping, dreaming, taking it easy
    You'll come home again sometime

    When you're running from your nightmares under a cloud filled sky
    The blue in your eyes swims in shadows
    While the tears stream down like waterfalls
    Cause you're scared to go home again
    Don't you worry, dear
    Look in the sky for a rainbow
    Let it lead you home

    Search for the end of that ribbon of color that journies through the milky way
    Let it take you back to where your inner child plays
    Don't you worry, dear, it'll be okay
    Look in the sky for a rainbow
    Your courage is that rainbow
    Let it lead you home