• A song of deep longing
    A heart wrenching lament
    Opened up some sealed wounds
    And I remembered you

    I thought I had healed
    As time heals they say
    Time only makes it more real
    Like a blade sliding inside

    I won't let go ever
    Of this sweet torment
    For pain is all that I have
    Pain is a reminder of being alive

    Move on the world says
    And I don't care what it says
    I have nothing to move on to
    You were my destiny

    When I am down and out
    You whisper in my ears
    You watch over me
    And I rise again

    I live on to see
    Things that you wanted to
    I live on to stand for
    The things you believed in

    One day my friend
    We will meet again
    To laugh again...
    To share again...